The BSides København 2021 CTF

The BSides København 2021 CTF will be hosted online in the Haaukins platform.

The CTF will include both offensive and defensive elements and will run for 24 hours, from Friday 17 September at 16:00 to Saturday 18 September at 16:00.

On top of the traditional offensive challenges, you will have the opportunity to analyze code, find vulnerabilities, and fix these vulnerabilities in defensive tasks.

You will need to install the Wireguard VPN client in advance to participate. To find co-players and chat about challenges join our Discord community.

With an active VPN user you will be able to access the challenges for the duration of the CTF. For each challenge you solve you will receive a flag that counts towards your score on the leaderboard.

If you wish to try development of your own defensive CTF challenges, then you are very welcome to use this as a starting point or PoC:… Thanks to @sythnog and team for creating it and sharing with the community!

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